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Mk1 Rear Markers/reflectors?

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Hi Guys,

Another noob here with a question for you lot. Im a member of the UK Lexus OC but browse here now and then B) . Im looking at getting some US spec rear marker lights/lesnes/reflectors for my UK spec series 1 GS Sport. We only got blanking plates which look a bit err... poo. Lexus has so far been not too helpfull so i was wondering if you guys would know where i could source some in the states and get them shipped over here to Scotland? Used ones would also be fine if anybody is breaking (parting) one. eBay only seems use for newer model years, are they the same? Cheers.




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Some U.S. Lexus dealers advertise that they ship to outside the U.S. I've bought a number of parts from Sewell Lexus in Texas: http://www.sewellpartsonline.com/shopping_online.asp

Some Canadian Lexus dealers ship to outside Canada ... you could try Metro Toyota/Lexus in British Columbia -- they have shipped parts to me in the U.S.: http://www.metrolexusvictoria.com/index.htm I assume that they would ship to the U.K.

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