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Air Filter Replacement 2007 Rx350

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I've seen the posts re no repair manuals available for 2007 RX 350.

Does anyone know how to safely replace the air filter element? The housing seems to be firmly attached to the MAF sensor, etc.

Do you really have to detach all this stuff?


As I recall, I just removed a couple of hold down bolts ( not all the way out) and loosened the clamp on the air line and was able to lift the top off the element enough to get it out. I must have had to unplug a wire because forgot to plug it back in and got a 'check engine light' until I reconnected it. Good luck.


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I checked my filter last Saturday. Had to remove two bolts on the outside edge of the housing, disconnect the wire from the top and two vacuum lines from the front. The intake tubing flexes enough to lift the top at the front and outside edges to get the filter in and out.


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