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Wind Blocker, Mesh Type?


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I'm looking for a wind-blocker, like the ones commonly seen on the MBZ SL.

I've found this wind blocker out there, but it looks like it was made for a different vehicle and they bodged up a strap arrangement to hold it in place on the SC -- I don't think it looks good at all. (See especially this photo.)


They've done a good job of photoing around the straps and so forth, but I don't like the gaps and straps.

There's a different one shown here and a variation of it here(PDF). This one looks decent, but it's in Switzerland.

Probably the best looking one is seen in this discussion at in the Euro portion of the board:


GoogleTranslate does a decent job on the thread, but it then tells me that these folks got it through their Lexus of Europe dealer, which doesn't help much.

Anybody have a clue where to find a decent domestic version, or an importer of one of the better Euro ones? Thanks.


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