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Importing Contacts.


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I have a Iphone 3g (I understand that it doesn't transfer contacts to my lexus, after hours of reserching). I have no other cellphone to try to import my contacts to my es 350. But, is there is a way that I could use my mac to do it or somehow from mobile Me or anything else that I may possibly do because i really don't want to add all my contacts manully which could be rather time consuming. Sorry for the spelling i typed this fairly fast....

Please Help.

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I once saw a post on Clublexus in which someone said that his Lexus dealer kept a compatible cell phone specifically for this purpose. Somehow the dealer moved the contracts from the iphone to the compatible phone and then uploaded the contacts from the compatible phone to the car. Maybe he moved the contacts from the iPhone to the compatible phone one by one -- I don't know.

If you can figure out how this works, used Bluetooth phones can be had pretty cheap on eBay or maybe someone would have an unused one laying around.

I'm guessing that you could extract your contacts from the iPhone to a PC -- maybe to a CSV file. If you need to move contacts from a PC to a compatible Bluetooth phone, a USB Bluetooth dongle can be had for under $10. If a Nokia Bluetooth phone could be used for this process, I can tell you that the Nokia PC Suite can be downloaded for free from the Nokia website. It is easy to import a CSV file into Nokia PC Suite and then sync a Nokia Bluetooth phone with the imported contact list.

I'm "speaking theory" here. I don't have an iPhone. But I've used various software products to move contact lists between PC's and phones using serial cables, USB cables, Infrared and Bluetooth and from phone to phone and PDA to phone using Infrared and Bluetooth. Get inventive!

If you come up with a good system of uploading your iPhone contact list to your Lexus, tell us how you did it.

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