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Invisible Glass With Rain Repellant

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FYI, I saw on another forum a comment regarding a new product: Stoner's Invisible Glass with Rain Repellant. Checked and found out from Stoners that it is currently being test marketed only in Target stores. It is not recommended for internal glass surfaces. I got some and cleaned several windshields with it as well as using plain Invisible Glass on the interior of the glass. Here in N.C., it has been raining since this past Thursday. The IG with Rain Repellant works great thus far, and much better than RainX. Duration of the product is unknown. It's only available in a pump spray.

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I use it weekly, so I'm not real concerned with longevity...

I just don't want to apply RainX all the time, if its in a window cleaner I regularly use though...

Did you ever give this a try? I'm a huge fan of Invisible Glass but I've never tried it with the repellent.

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