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Tint Reflection Problems


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I recently got my ES350 tinted at the dearship (right after I made the purchase). When I drive it at night, the headlights from cars behind me reflect off the defroster lines on my rear window causing a lot of reflections, and this makes it very hard to drive at night. I asked the dealer is this was normal, and they said it was. However, I do not think this is because it would be a serious safety hazard to many people.

They tinted over the defroster lines. Is this how it is supposed to be done? I'm wondering if they just did a lazy job because they also tinted over the little security stickers on front driver's side window.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Yep, glare from reflections off the defroster lines are normal. The glare seems to lessen a little as tint dries out but it has never gone completely away on any of the cars where we have had the rear window tinted. We've gotten used to the minor glare.

If your ES350 has a retractable rear window sun shade, I suggest you have the rear window tint steamed off and then raise the sun shade at night if light from following cars bothers you. My first LS400, a 1990, had one of the rare optional rear window sunshades so I had only the side windows tinted on it. Some people thought it would look silly to do that but no one ever commented on it and I thought it looked fine.

A photo of the 90 LS with its tinted side windows, untinted rear window and the rear window sun shade up is in my gallery: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...=si&img=819

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I agree, the minor glare is normal. Either they did a crappy job of getting the liquid out around the defroster lines, or the juice might just be frozen or glazed in there.

Way way back in the day, I got an old car tinted in the dead of winter. Had to park it outside for....ever after that and since the soapy residue froze in there, it never looked right after that. Hopefully you can park yours in a warm (or warmer) garage for a week or so and see if it thaws and evens itself out.

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