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Unhappy With New Gs 350

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I am a new owner of a 2009 GS 350 and in the 2 weeks I have owned this car it has been back to the dealer 3 times for various interior noises. They are best described as creaking, tapping and rattling. They come from the front dash and window area, back and passenger side. The dealer has done one fix to the rear window which has helped, but not fixed the problems. Has anyone else exepriienced this and what was done to correct it? My last car was an 11 year old BMW (which I am sorry I traded in) and I was on the fence with the Lexus and now really regret my decision. I thought Lexus built a quality car, but the one I have is far from that.

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Hi greensleave, I am from Boston as well. I had a 08 GS350 much like you, rattles everywhere, my blood pressure use to rise 20 points everytime I drove the GS. It has been back to the dealer 4 times for rattles and three times for the squeaky brakes in 6 months. The dealer had taken apart the dash and other panels. They were able to fix some of the rattles but not all. I traded in the GS after 6 months under the advise of my doctor :)

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there are many many discussions about the noises/rattles here. i for one, got rid of the GS in 3 months because i was so disappointed and couldn't imagine myself with it for the next few years. what a disappointment. got a MB afterwards and been happy since. i suggest you do the same, if you're having a hard time putting up with the shabby assembly.

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