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Stereo / Cd Changer Input Question

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I put an OEM stereo in my '93--and I'd like to wire up my ipod directly to it (no more tape adapter).

With most cars, there's an easy way to do this. Most OEM stereos with an AUX input in the rear (for a cd changer) you can buy aftermarket compatibility cables that go into the rear of the stereo (where the CD changer cable plugged in) and plug into your ipod on the other end.

Anything like that for our stereos out there? I can't find it yet.

Another option is any cable that connects to the back of our stereo (where the CD changer cable plugged in) and has RCA's on the other end--then I can just use an RCA/ipod adapter.

Basically looking for any cable that plugs into the back of our stereo unit (where the cd changer cable plugged in) that has any kind of universal audio at the other end (3.5mm jack, RCA jacks, ipod connector, etc...) and with that I can make it work.

Ya'll know of anything in existence out there like that?

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