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Stereo / Cd Changer Question


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I put an OEM stereo in my '93--and I'd like to wire up my ipod directly to it (no more tape adapter).

With most cars, there's an easy way to do this. Most OEM stereos with an AUX input in the rear (for a cd changer) you can buy aftermarket compatibility cables that go into the rear of the stereo (where the CD changer cable plugged in) and plug into your ipod on the other end.

Anything like that for our stereos out there? I can't find it yet.

Another option is any cable that connects to the back of our stereo (where the CD changer cable plugged in) and has RCA's on the other end--then I can just use an RCA/ipod adapter.

Basically looking for any cable that plugs into the back of our stereo unit (where the cd changer cable plugged in) that has any kind of universal audio at the other end (3.5mm jack, RCA jacks, ipod connector, etc...) and with that I can make it work.

Ya'll know of anything in existence out there like that?

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Go online and check out Crutchfield, as they make a lot of adapters and plugs for upgrading audio systems in cars. As well, try installdr.com as they do much the same thing, but additionally provide the pin out codes and wire colours to the various components. I'm not saying they'll have exactly what you're looking for, but they may provide you with a direction to go and get it. Good Luck!

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I doubt that you are going to find any adapters for a 93 model vehicle. Adapters are generally available for vehicles starting about 2000 and up.

You can tap into the wires which carry the signal from your CD player to the radio system. I did this on my 93 LS to hardwire satellite radio into the sound system. The same procedure would work for an ipod. I use a relay to switch between CD sound and satellite sound.

There is an extensive thread on this subject on CL.

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I appreciate it CUMan, but unfortunately that wouldn't work on mine. My ES didn't come with the CD changer, and it also didn't come with the wiring from the trunk to the headunit b/c there was no CD changer. So I don't have anything I could hardwire. Unfortunately I don't have any "wires which carry the signal from your CD player to the radio system"

I would still need the plug that goes into the back of the radio into the CD changer slot. Maybe I could find that at a junkyard.

Then I could hardwire using that...but that would be hard to find.


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motoroil, I just added an oem cd player to my car, a 93 es, I went to a junkyard, pulled the wires from a junker, and wired it in, but unless your radio has the CD changer option it will not have a plug for the cd player. without the cd option there is no external input to the radio. I have an extra OEM Radio, that does have the CD option, but even with the radiio set up for the cd, without a cd player attached to it the CD button does nothing, it will not allow you to select it, sooooo i don't think that it will do you any good. The OEM system uses a separate amplifer, which you could wire the external device to... then all you have to do is select a blank station on the FM, dedicate it to the Ipod or whatever your going to hook up, that might work, if you like I can email you a copy of the wiring diagram for the radio, its pretty straighforward, 4 wires into the amp which drives the various speakers....2 for the front speakers and two for the rear speakers. I hope this hepls, if you have any questions, feel free.


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Ok so this is going to be going a bit off topic in a sense, but not really.

We're talking about getting MP3 music connected to your OEM car stereo, right?

Well, I discovered the coolest little device that, with the help of bluetooth technology and a built-in wireless FM transmitter, can stream the music from any bluetooth-enabled MP3 player to your OEM car stereo system....and it sounds GREAT! Plus it can link with your bluetooth cell phone too so you can make and receive calls with the audio going through your car's speakers.


I understand you already have an iPod which doesn't have bluetooth, but if all else fails, and you are determined to get some MP3 tunes going through your OEM system, you might consider switching to a Samsung P2 or Sony NWZ-S738F bluetooth MP3 player and use wireless technology to stream your music without the need for ANY wires. I know, I know...this is way more expense an idea than buying an adapter (if one exists) and tapping into your headunit's wiring. but like I said, if all else fails, it might be something to consider.

I was blown away with the quality of the sound I'm getting from my OEM stereo with my new step-up. Here's a CNET review of the little device that does all the work:


And a feature that I really like about it that I've never seen on other FM transmitters is that it scans the FM frequencies and picks the clearest one it can find and then announces it (in a sexy female voice :) ) so you can tune to it. Usually the frequency that most FM transmitters use is preset at the factory, so if it is a bad frequency for you, well, tough luck.

And I've tried one of those tape adapter things too...wow....that was so lame.

Anyways, just wanted to give you something else to think about and let you know there ARE other solutions out there that work, albeit, not the solution you were thinking about. GL.

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