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Wooden Steering Wheel For Gs400

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I know I saw it somewhere... which Model(s) can you do a direct swap to get a nice wooden steering wheel? I don't care about losing the manual push shifters... Thanks!

the RX series wheel will swap over to your car perfectly

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Correct!...but only certain years; I believe it's just the '03-'06's. Also, GL trying to find a cheap (used) wood RX steering wheel (and in the color you need)...you will need that RX airbag as well. It will NOT use the same airbag as the '98-'00 GS models...different size (but the same power clips; they both are single stage airbags). The '01 GS airbags are the same size but the power clips are different as they are dual stage airbags.

I looked into this and could not find a used (same color) RX air bag at all and they are around $600 new. There was a woodgrain steering wheel (with E-shift) on Ebay w/o the air bag going for around $500 bucks. So for $1100 bucks (total) I'm sure you could (or should) have your current steering wheel re-done in wood. It will probably cost around $500-$600 and then the job is done. GL!

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