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Starter Kickback-anyone Else Have This?


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Little bit more detail, what exactly does it do?

About half of the time you feel like someone is kicking the floor under your left resting foot when the car starts at the end of a "crank", you usually hear a dull thud, other times it starts fine, my mechanic says the starter is operational and isn't the type of guy that relates to it just not being the way it used to be, if it works that's the end of it, but he's cheap and around the corner, usually comes to the house, but I think I will let him drive it over the weekend to see what I mean. Something definitely has changed the past month, he just installed a new fan bracket and I sometimes think maybe a belt isn't on just right, but I don't understand enough of the mechanics to follow the thought through in my mind to decide if that's a logical possibility.

94 LS400, 218,000 miles, 2nd owner.

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MOst fo the time when I start my ls400, I feel the starter motor kickback coincident with starting the motor. Anyone have this and know if its fixable.

Ferd :o

I will be sure to let you know what I discover since I am concerned about damaging my engine I am having it looked at Saturday.

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The video tells the whole story(for those who can't quite get it) When it does this "kick back" while starting, it actually sounds as if the timing is way off or crossed wires (that's a description not the problem) Mine only does this when warm, and only once or twice a day. It also thumps on the floorboard as if the exhaust doesn't have proper clearance. (motor or trans mount ?) My theory is pre-igntion (backfireing) up through the intake some how. If you turn the key on and let it sit for a couple of seconds then start, it seems to help. Theory #2, low or mid-grade gas may be causing this problem, it's fireing way before the piston reaches TDC. It's not a starter problem. And NO IT"S NOT A BELT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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