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96 Es300 Heavy Front End Vibration


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Hey, I'm hoping you guys can help me. My car has about 170,000 miles on it fyi.

In November, I replaced my cv halfshaft on the driver's side, and a week later my car started vibrating. I brought it to a mechanic, spent $300 on new control arm bushings, and nothing was changed. After bringing it back to him many times, I gave up as he could not give me any answers at all. I brought it to Les Schwab, had all the tires checked, and they said all the tires were fine.

The vibration happens when I'm accelerating past say, 20 miles an hour, and there's a slight vibration when I'm coasting. However, if I just barely rest my foot on the gas pedal (engine is ~2000rpm) then the vibration completely stops. I can feel it in the steering wheel and gas pedal, leading me to believe it's in the front end.

And, yesterday, I came to an interesting conclusion about something. Previously, the vibration would stop at seemingly random times, but I have confirmed that it tends to stop for about 20 miles every time I jack up the car to check the tires/wheels/halfshaft. After a while it comes back.

If you need any more information, I'll be glad to answer it.

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