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I have this application for the itouch that tests the 0-60 times and 1/4 mile runs. I ran my 91 Lexus LS400 on a run and came up with these results:



Can the LS400 really run high 14's? I don't have any mods except for maybe deleted resonators dunno.gif

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These 4.0 Lexus/Toyota V8's have always been slightly underrated. if i had one of these Torqy V8's back in my drag racing days, i would definitely modified it and run it at the track - but not in a LS400 Body - prolly woulda Strapped it to a Celica and run high 8's easily.

There are racing parts for these engines now, thanks to Toyota's racing venture. and you can stroke one of these 4.0's to a hefty 4, 5, or 600+ Horsepower with the first stroker kit. just be ready to spend some mula on the parts, and the rebuild if you cant do it yourself.

but thats on a whole different Forum alltogether - the toyota/Lexus V8 Forum - just for powertrain enhancements.

they have links to all the goodies where you can buy these stroker kits for your V8's. also, on an episode of truckin',

they now have a chip available to add more horse to these V8's -for the 4.7 tundra on that episode, so maybe the earlier Toyota V8's as well.

so if you want a ridiculous amount of horsepower and want to be able to outrun a porsche Boxter from a redlight, the Toyota/Lexus V8 forum can show ya how...just be ready to fork out the dough.

Lex ya later!


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How does the iTouch measure peak horsepower???? :huh:

I'm still not sure on that one either. I think it calculates the curb weight and drivetrain loss by your quarter mile time but not 100% sure.

I've looked on google for answers but they're tons of mixed answers.

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this is nothing, if you start the run while holding your iPod Touch or iPhone and just wildly flail your arms in the air, you'll be looking at sub 3 second 0-60 times and quarters under 8 seconds....

i don't trust these at all, too many variables. fun to mess around with but never taken seriously.

get your car on a track and see if it'll run 14s :P

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It has to be mounted on a firm stable position to be 15% accurate anything less and it is off. Also the roads angle and curve changes the variables.

Intersteing for base lineing results after changes but not in comparision to other cars unless using the same road and device.

The older 1uz never made anwhere lose to 280 at the crank never mind the wheels

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