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Seat Cover Removal Assist Please


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I had a heated seat kit installed in my 02 ES300 and have found that the cover of the seat has molded to the wires. I can feel them poking me in the back. I would like to peel the seat cover down and put some padding there but I can figure out how to remove the heat rest holder pieces that attach to the top of the seat. Is there a clamp or a release of some sort. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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I can't see why you need to remove the headrest mounting finishers. It seems to me that you need to pull the seat back material up off of the back foam to get at what you want to fix. At the factory the seat back upholstery is installed over the top of the seat back and pulled down. So to get it off you would pull the upholstery up, but you don't have to remove it entirely, so just leave the headrest finishers alone, peel the heater wires away from the seat material, apply the foam you want to use a reverse the procedure to reinstall the upholstery.

Regardless, the headrest finishers were most likely just pounded into the seat frame and lock in place with some sort of tab. They will most likely be able to be pried out, but may break in the process if you're not careful. Pulling them out may break the tabs and you may have to glue them back in place. Good Luck!

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