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I ordered a key from TOY-LEX and waited 3 weeks understanding that sickness is a bad deal. I finally got it but it will not work and no one will return my phone calls or emails. I've called the Toy-Lex number 5 times, left 5 messages and sent 6 emails. I called the telephone number on my VISA listed beside the $47 charge and it is for East Coast Locksmith in FL at (321) 783-8338 and the guy said the telephone numbers had never been changed. I guess the name had not been changed either ???

I just got off the phone with VISA and I now find out "they" have charged my card a 2nd time. I am now having to shut down my card due to unauthorized charges by them. These are facts. You make your call. (I wouldn't be calling Toy-Lex!)

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Sorry to hear about your issues. I just bought a used 07' GS, and the 2nd key was MIA. I did a little research, and found a reputable seller on ebay. Seller name is oem.remote and their email address is oemremote@gmail.com. I was able to get a remote with an uncut blank for less than $100. I ordered it on Tuesday, and it was here by Friday. Now sure, I still have to get it programmed (approx. $45), but I don't have to pay the retail for the key itself ($340).

Good luck,


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