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Need New Water Pump - Dealer Said None In Whole Us Of A

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Newbie here, thanks to all for great forum. I did a search and did not see this addressed.

Brought wife's 2006 IS 250 AWD, just at 30K miles, in yesterday for the 3 recalls as well as oil change and state inspection. Service advisor calls and tells me the water pump "has a leak" and needs to be replaced. None in stock and should be here next day. Warranty will cover it. I'm thinking it's odd for the water pump to leak and not see anything on drive way, but I'm ok with replacement.

Today SA calls back and tells me that there are no water pumps for vehicle in the whole country and that it needs to be manufactured and they are expecting it on April 8. I'm blown away - almost a month!?!?!

I start quizzing her on how could a water pump have a leak and I not know about it, either thru visual of liquid on driveway, steam from under hood or engine temp rising. She states that the leak was minor and that the cover underneath the engine would catch the water, that is why I did not see it. :o I ask if the recall work could have caused the issue, she said no because neither one was close to the water pump.

Now I'm not trying to bust anyone for breaking the water pump and we've never had an issue with the dealer. My concern is this is my wife's car and we spent the extra $$$ for reliability, being Toyota and all. I need to know if this was a water pump problem or a screwup so I can decide if I want to keep the car or not - understand that we are not younguns - my wife occasionally drives my granddaughters around in the car, so reliablility is major. I do hate the feeling that I'm being lied to though.

And what is going on with no water pumps available in the US? Kinda makes me feel like they are breaking all of them when they do the recall. They are letting us keep a loaner while we wait.

Any one else experience this?

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Why would they lie to you?? Even if they did it, they'd still take care of it at no charge to you. My dealer had to remove my seat for a TSB and made a huge gash in my interior door panel--they called me right away, told me they would replace it at no charge--but after 3 days, they were unable to get the part, and I had to re-schedule another appointment.

Yes, it's a Lexus, but no make or model is perfect--that's why you have a 4yr/50k mi warranty.

What's your loaner? Another IS, or something else?

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