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3 Problems - 90 Ls400


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1. Air shocks: Right front, loses compression overnight. Have to wait about 5 mins after start to allow it to rise and level off. Not able to hold air...looks like I have a leak? If so how to fix it or how to look for leak?

2. Driver's Seat: Only right side of upright tilts back. All other controls work. How to fix?

3. Cruise control: It stopped working without notice. No sign. Nothing. One day it was working then it stopped the next.

#2 & #3 occurred immediately after my wife had driven the car. Of course she didn't notice anything.

Thanks for all advice.

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I can help with your air shock question:

I have a 94 LS400 and have also had to replace the air shocks (I am on my third set). They start by going down after sitting and get worse over time. You have some choices. The OEM dealer struts are over $1000 each plus labor. A better choice is Arnott Inc. They sell reman air struts that are guaranteed for life ($350 each for rear and $399 for fronts). They also sell new Bilstein air shock conversions with a lifetime warranty. These are currently only available for the front. Your last choice is a complete coil over conversion, but you will loose that supple ride.

The rears are a bit of a job to install. You will need to remove the back seat to get at the upper mounts. The air line connections are inside the trunk. The real problem is the bolts on the bottom usually have some corosion and require a good air gun and/or a torch to remove.

Oh, you might try selecting the higher height mode 5 min before you park the car (or just leave it in high all the time). This may get you by for a few more months.

Link: http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_LEXUS...yid7_pid65.html

Best of luck!

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