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Increadable Traction Rwd Canada Winter All In One Sentance Is This A D


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ok so i am a retired welder living in sask. CANADA last sunday my wife and i drove 3 hours so i could buy my first lexus a 1992 sc 400 i love the car it has about 300000km on it but you would never know it its red. any how this car has such amazing traction on snow and ice and starts in the cold it is -35 tonight no wind chil # so trust me i know. i didnt think a RWD could be this nice. and yes i have put the power on and trac off but i think i will save it for summer! top end it is worthy of its 260kph speedo after all those kliks/miles it is still amazing.one last thing i would like permision to sell the factory sterio and manuals i cant service the car myself it has new ipod sterio so thease are not esential to me. but i am shure one of you would like to complete your oem set and i could use the money my wife has my "sorry meglomainiac #$#" sleeping on the couch till the bills get caught up. but yes it is all worth it. :D

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