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Air Conditioner Makes A Noise


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Hello Guys,

Last summer my air was not working and I replaced pretty much every part in the system. It began making this noise that sounds like flatulance(farting) or letting air out of a balloon that you just inflated before tieng it, and throwing off what i believe to be freon. We replaced several denso new air compressors at a mechanic shop until we finally got it working. All winter long I have been using it to defog windows and on warmer days at mild tempatures. The first really hot day we got, i cranked it up and this noise is now happening again. What did the mechanic do wrong so I can ring his neck when I take it back to him to leave it yet another time. Also If you could recommend a good mechanic in Atlanta Georgia for this car , I would appreciate it . I am tired of morons who dont understand this car hurting , not helping my vehicle.

Thanks my wise friends

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I guess no one has had this problem?

I'm just a girl, but it sounds like the expansion valve doing something weird.

It releases liquid refrigerant into the evaporator and as it flashes to a gas inside that little radiator looking device it removes the heat from the cabin.

I am thinking you have a bad valve or poorly assembled connection to the liquid line. Who knows, but it is a place to start.

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My 2002 LS430 started "passing air" a few years ago while it was still under warranty; it hisses rather than gurgles. A tech at the Henessey dealer on PIB said it was normal for the expansion valve to release air. Well, I didn't like their answer since the hissing didn't happen when I got the car used in 2003. I took it to Summit (on Dekalb Industrial Way) off of E Ponce de Leon in Decatur where they specialize in all Japanese makes and models. One of the owners, Mr. Te, drove it with me and he confirmed what the dealer told me. The hiss is annoying but my AC sytem is working fine, knock on wood. Besides Summit, a friend takes his one-of-a-kind IS300 to a service team off of Talley St. just behind the Avondale MARTA station. He's a racing fanatic and his guys do high-performance work. I think it's Spectrum Performance. BTW, I'm a female who tries to understand everything about my car. Anything that doesn't make sense causes me to do research. I don't like it when the dealer's service "advisor" talks down to me because I'm female.

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