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Anybody Knows Lexus Mechanic In Bayarea,california


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I asked this question under another topic, but no answers about the mechanic.

I have a 95 es300 which i bought a year back. It is doing 85k miles now and in a very good condition. I have not yet given to a service, unless for changing oil and coolant. So i plan to give it to service now. I have few small problems as follows:

(1) oil leak: little oil leakage is there and the toyota dealers said the rack and pinion and some other oil filter has to be replaced and it will cost $2000. if it is really the problem, i want to service it and am not sure how much it would really cost.

(2) I get a "hiss"ing sound, when i try to turn the steering more than 180 degree around. This happens when the engine is started from cold and once or twice after that.

(3) I get air noise when i drive in the freeway, above 50 miles speed. From this forum, i think it is probably due to weatherstripping.

Can anybody help me find out how much all these and the routine service cost and is there any good mechanic in the bay area, california ( sunnyvale, santa clara, mountainview, milpitas ) area who charges nominal fee for this?



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