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Is 350 Gettin One Used

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Black is nice but very hard to keep looking nice over the long run. If I had to do over, I might get another color like the dark gray, silver, or white. I just took my 350 on a road trip to LV from the Bay Area and back. My 350 got beat up real good from all the trucks, rocks and debris on the freeway. Windshield got cracked again, and front end of car is all scratched, chipped and pitted up from trucks throwing rocks and debris directly at me. These days, it seems like CA roads are gettting dirtier and dirtier.

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yea i did like the white one a lil better, it also has NAV so thats good, and i tohught it would look sik if i blacked out the tails and got black rims, just ideas, and maybe paint the brake calipers red and engine stuff, so if i get this, lots of work to be done

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