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Hello All,

My name is Nick, and I am in Metro-Atlanta. I just got rid of of my 2003 Mercedes E500 and picked up a loaded 07' GS350 on Saturday. I'm very pleased with what I'm seeing and experiencing so far. It already has the billet grille, Aluminum 430 wheels, and the windows were tinted, including the windshield at 55%. Super clean, with only 21k miles on it.

At the age of 27, I sell software, but started and owned a very high-end detailing business here in Atlanta, which included a handful of famous folks. The car bug really hit me. I successfully sold the business in 2005, but have had the opportunity to detail for Barrett-Jackson and the Russo & Steele auctions since, along with a handful of folks I still see throughout the year. I look forward to contributing most in the area of keeping our beauties clean ;)

I look forward to participating with everyone on here and learning more about my new baby!

After a scare on another post, I definitely need to pick up a spare key. Any suggestions?




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I'm 27 too. I drive a 2006 GS430.

I feel like an old fogey, because it's mostly old fogies driving these kinda cars around here.

Glad to see another guy my age driving these things :)

Haha, it's awesome man. Now only if I was this age and single, I'd be like Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck. Instead, I'm happily married!

I still can't believe they have a tape deck in the 07's. They FINALLY pulled them in the 05' Mercedes!

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