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Smelling Gasoline In My Trunk


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When I open the trunk on my '98 LS 400 I get this gasoline smell. It doesn't matter if tank is full or almost empty. It seems the longer it has been since the trunk lid has been opened the stronger the smell is. I have removed carpet, left trunk open all day in the sun, sprayed Fabreze, replaced gas cap, etc. Any suggestions?

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I think the smell is the least of your worries. It sounds like your gas tank is leaking. You might try removing all the trim necessary to expose both the tank and the filler neck. It's a wild guess but I would first check for leaks at the Fuel Sender Gauge and the Fuel Inlet Pipe.

There was a TSIB on the 98 LS that involved replacing the Fuel Sender Gauge. If the TSIB work was performed, it is possible that the Fuel Sender Gauge was not installed correctly.

Attached the page from my 00 LS400 repair manuals showing the fuel tank components -- should be identical to your 98 LS.

Be careful -- this is not a trivial matter.


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