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Wood Trim Hazy


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the wood inlays inmy 97 sc300 have become hazy. it is strange because you can see wipe marks and fingrprints from the person who had the car before me. i think they may have used a petroleum based cleaner that has embedded into the wood. but there must be a way to polish idea

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Have you tried to use Lemon Pledge to clean the area? Use some muscle on it.

Are the finger prints kind of bumpy on the wood? if not, I don't think the previous owner used a petrolium based oil or wood finish.

I would also recommend to you, checking out our "Visit for ALL your Lexus Detailing Products and Free Detailing Tips" listed in the grey area. It has many important tricks and tips that you might find interesting. :rolleyes:

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i have used the meguiar numbers 10 and 17 plastic cleaners and polishes..they didn't do anything....should i use something harsher

I had the same problem in my 93 SC400. Tried 4 different products, with very little result, same as you!

I ended up taking out the glove box then the Airbag module, to unscrew the wood trim.

Easier to buff without hurting the leather around the trim!!!

The polish I used was Turtlewax Polishing Compound, Scratch Remover paste. The white paste type,

with a variable speed Elec. Drill and a sheep wool bonnet.

Total time about (2) hours of tedious stuff.

Now I don't have that eye sore I use to see every day I got in my car,, :D

I will try to figure out how to upload pic's to show you how mine turned out!!

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