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Wood Trim Hazy

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the wood dash inlays in my 94 sc300 have become hazy. it is starng because you can see streak marks and fingerprints from the person who owned the car before me. i think they may have used a petroleum based cleaned that has laft an embedded residue. i was wondering if it can be buffed out . thanks

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The wood veneer in the interior is basically clearcoated like the paint on the car. So actually you can use any product on the wood that you would use on the paint.

What have you tried so far? I would reccomend you try and purchase the trio of Novus plastic restoration products, work through the steps (you can order online or get a nice tiny set at your local Container Store) and see what you have.

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The Megs plastic cleaners are nowhere near as powerful as the Novus. I find them more or less useless. You can use any type of swirl remover or paint cleaner also, try picking up some Meguiars #9 from your local auto parts store. Spend some time working it in.

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King Phill, SW03ES's recommendation of the Meguiar's #9 sounds like a good idea. I had the same issue with the wood in my GS, but what I tried was Meguiar's scratch X over it. Then I topped it off with a wax.

Came out really well, and as of yet I haven't had to do anything to the wood other than some dusting, periodically. I'd give that a try.

Good luck.

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