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Hid For Gs300

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Hi, im new to this forum and from what I have seen so far it looks like a great palce. I have a 1999 GS 300. I just got it about a month ago The only thing that I dont like is that I dont have HID. :( I was wondering where I can get a NICE HID kit, a good name brand and one with a blue tint to it. I know of ebay and what not, but I would like to get some opinions first.

Thanks! :)

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welcome to the club!

ebay is were i bought mine so i think thats your best bet also.go with the philips 6000k dsr kit.since you want the little purpulish bule color the 60000k kit is perfect for you and thats also what i have and it looks great!good luck

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very easy to install its all plug and play!as for the headlights being crooked theres a screw to adjust them on your headlight is the best hid lights out there so i think you wont have a problem with them lasting.i know i havent.good luck :D

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