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Any Certified Independant Lexus Shops?


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Although I do many of the maintenace items myself, there are some items that I would want either the dealer or a knowledgeable Lexus shop to perform: e.g struts, timing belt....

I would bring my ride to JPI, but Garland, TX is a bit of a haul for me. Can we start a listing of trustworthy shops that specialize in Lexus vehicles that we know about and the area that it is in? So I already named one:


Independent Lexus & Toyota

Auto Services and Repair

3521 Security

Garland tx 75042


Anyone know of one in the Massachusetts, MetroWest (prefereable or even Greater Boston) area?

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Davenport Motor Company

Exclusively Lexus Service and Repair

4010 W. Plano Pkwy

Plano, TX 75093


this is the independent lexus service shop i use for major maintenance work. or a private lexus mechanic that still works at lexus that lives in allen. he does wonders at unbelievable prices. got everything fixed on my car that would've cost over $1000 at a dealer for $500 flat.

didn't know you would drive down here to TX to get your car serviced. especially from boston area... that's far.

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Wow, now thats 2 in Texas :)

Any in Massachuseets?

Yeh, with all this cold, I WISH I was in Texas


Today was in in the Teens for a high in Mass and even with a new battery, Synthetic oil and ATF, still took three cranks to start.... we'll see how the Lex does this weekend, High of 11F :blink:

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Davenport is a good company. I know all of the people working there. We used work together at Parkplace Lexus(my favorite company :chairshot: ). We use the same testing equiments and factory manuals like the dealership. Our company will offer a little more discount since we don't have that much overhead. Thank you for the support. We are here to service your vehicles.

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well JP, davenport is sort of right down the street from me, like literally lol

so it's the closest in case of emergency fixes. i may come out to JPI and check y`all out one day. garland isn't too bad. been around there a lot in the past year b/c of a friend's cell phone store he's got there. goin out there to meet up with him. what intersection are y`all at? (i'm too lazy to mapquest it :D )


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