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Skis And Snowboards


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Does anyone have any suggestions for bringing a snowboard in my ES? I can fit boards across the backseat from floor to cieling, or along the door (this is a tight fit), but they are too wide for the rear seat pass through. I can fit one set of skis in the pass through, maybe 2 but haven't tried that yet. Does anyone have any other suggestions/experience with snowboards or multiple sets of skis? What about some sort of trunk or roof rack for snowboards?

BTW, I have a 92 ES and I use a 157cm snowboard.

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I have a complete Yakima roof rack system for my sea kayak (17"). The roof rack system can accomodate special racks for skis and for snowboards as well as many other options. This system is very sturdy and pleasing to the eye.

Another system is Thule, but I have no experience with theirs.


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Thanks for the website steve, but I don't think I can afford anything from there. Maybe next ski season, I'm a little low on funds at the moment.

I never thought about putting it through the moonroof, but I would expect that wouldn't be too safe, not to mention cold.

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