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Cursor Color

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When posting, it is very hard to see the cursor. Mine is coming up as a flashing green line on the pale yellow background. mind you this is on my work computer, I forget if it is the same on my home computer.

I have tried to reconfigure the color combinations on the display and I haven't been able to change the cursor for LOC. i have been able to change the colors on my work apps.

If it is green for other people, may I suggest something more opposite the pale yellow, say black or blue.



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hmmm are yous talking about the mouse cursor?mine is white with black edges>i never seen a black cursor at least not on my computer but i thought the mouse cursor color is a setting on your own computer.i might be talking about something different!lol

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I'm talking bout the indicator line that appears when you are in a NEWREPLY box, or the log in box. The line that shows you where you are typing or where the text will appear that you type. Not the mouse cursor (arrowhead).

I am embarrassed to say the green line/cursor is on two particular workstations at my work but the display controls will not change it.

The workstation I am on today has a black line. So it is my work not LOC.


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