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Urgent - Tech Info Please Running Rx300 Fwd Only?


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Does anyone one know if we can run an RX300 on a front wheel drive chassis dyno?

We have disconnected the rear prop shaft and there is no drive at all.

The manual is not much help to discover if there is any centre diff lock or front wheel drive only mode. I am not very familiar with these vehicles.

Any advice much appreciated :rolleyes:


Mick :blink:

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May I first ask why??

Are you saying there is no drive to the rear BECAUSE you have disconnected the driveline but the transaxle PTO still turns?

If you are saying the PTO doesn't turn than something is VERY wrong.

In any case I can't imagine that you can obtain anything close to correct torque/HP ratings in this manner.

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Yup PTO turns - No drive to front wheels at all.

On the Discovery there is a spigot that can be turned to activate CDL. We were hoping to find the same or something similar on the RX. - Very nice vehicle by the way - never been in one before :D

Anyway we now have 'official confirmation' from Lexus Technical HQ that these vehicles should not be run on a 2WD dyno - so I guess we are stuffed in that respect! :rolleyes:

Trying to do tailpipe noise measurements for a benchmarking programme :wacko:

Anyway thanks for taking the time to reply

Mick :D

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Since the pre-04(**) AWD RX is predominantly FWD anyway (absent front wheel slippage 95% of the engine torque is routed to the front) it is extremely unlikely any damage will be done to the driveline.

I suspect there is no AWD RX owner that would ever even notice the difference if someone disconnected the rear driveline without their knowledge.

The 04 AWD RX330 models are also predominantly FWD but without the aid of the viscous clutch used prior to 04. The 04 model would likely not drive any wheel(s) with the rear driveline disconnected.

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