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I Searched, I Swear. 1992 To 1995 Bumper Conversion.

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Hello, I have a question for you all that have done the 92-93 to 95+ front bumper conversion.

Did everyone just hook up the fogs to the daytime lights? Or did anyone get the oem fog light switch from a 95+ car and make it work? If so, how did you make it work?

I have access to a 95 parts car, and I have a 92. Does the 95 have a different interior harness with a foglight signal? If someone can shine some light on this, I would be much appreciated.



edit: wow 3 years later after lurking. 1st post =)

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You can create your own fog lamp circuit for under $15.

Use a relay and any switch you want that will mount in the car to run.

The switch activates the relay and the relay allows the power to flow into the circuit.

If that does not make some of those terms and a diagram will be found somewhere.

The stock fog light switch was located on the turn signal arm on SCs. You would be able to retrofit one but a simple switch mounted somewhere is much more easy IMHO.

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