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Annoying Vibrations


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Earlier I posted a same subject but thought the problem was front end wheels related. Unfortunately last couple days the Engine light just appears and Traction Control light at the same time. Since then the car 've been constantly vibrate. I took it Autozone to have Engine code scan and found out cylinder 2 and 7 are missed fires.

This morning I took the intake off to access to sparkplug wires and distributor and also cleaned the intake. Unbelievable how dirty the intake was, I also measured the sparkplug wire#2 with a ohms resistance of 5000kohms. Does anyone here know the exact ohms what it should be? I am going to take off the distributor caps tomorrow and see what is the problem in there. At this momment I am seeing the sparkplug #2 is looking very clean. I guessed I will have to remove the sparkplug #2 and 7 and measure the gap again. I just changed these parkplugs 3 months ago from Dealer parts. If anyone here and through in some inputs I would appreaciate.

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