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Is It Common To Have Tons Of Water In The Exhuast System?

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My SC had a bend in the "Y" pipe so I scored one at a junkyard for $20.

I drove the car in the morning and got around to the job about 3 hours later. I drop the pipe toward the front of the car and a small river of water flows out. NO the car does not have a busted head gasket.

This was the first time I was under the SC and I must say it is a joy to work on. The layout of things is super clean and I think I could now do a cat back exhaust job in under 30 minutes.

The water kind of concerns me....the pipes will just rot from the inside out rapidly if there is constantly that much moisture inside. Is there something about the design that causes this.

I've worked on other cars and never saw so much water in the pipes.

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