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Rx330 Play Dvd Movies On Navigation Screen?

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Hi I am looking to buy the RX330 with the Mark Levinson system. But my biggest concern is being able to modify the Navigation screen to play DVD movies while the car is in motion.

Has anyone had any success in doing this? What parts do you need to buy for this to be possible?



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I don't think it will be easy. Two things stop the movie from playing, the emergency brake and the car moving. Sure you could fool the system into thinking the car was stopped, BUT I doubt the nav or the gas mileage readings would be correct.

It really shoud be the drivers choice so a passenger and the people in the rear can watch..

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acually it just fools the video into thinking the car is stopped but the nav should work freind did this to his and he has no not sure what wires you need to ground but it should be connected to the just needs to be grounded and then the video should work all the time.

you might want to invest in a wire diagram of your car to find the wires needed to ground.

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