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2001 Lexus Rx300


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I take it you checked the battery already. If the battery doesn't hold charge, the alternator can be suspect. If you hear only a clicking when you try to start and know the battery is ok, perhaps you may suspect the contacts in the solenoid have worn too far - wich is not unlikely. Then you get into more developed problems if the car is still not even starting.

Your scan tool may be doing that for a number of reasons:

- it may not be compatible with the Lexus dlc's

- the cable might be bad

- the dlc in you are using may have a problem

- there is some procedural error ocurring

Oh - I moved your thread too, some RX guys might have some better info for ya.

Good luck and welcome to the USLOC.

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your RX is obd 2 not obd

so if it is an older system then it will not work on the newer one to connect.

you also don;t leave much information to help you diagnosis the problem.

It don;t start doesn't say much.





key ????????

catch my drift need more pertinant info ?

think about if you walked into the dealer , what questions would they as you ?

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ok let me put it this way my RX300 will cranks but won't start battery and spark plugs are new, engine is cranking but want start at all, looks like it want start only on 3 cylinders becouse one side of the engine is warm and the other side of the manifold is cold. When I connect to OBD2 it will not connect, my scaner works with other lexus fine it connects with no problems. the car is geting a spark and has strong fuel presure. and yes the ecu see's the master key. any help would be great. :(

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