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Need Help In Birmingham Al 1995 Sc300 Problems

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Hello all,

I am new to the site and need to see if I can get some help. My sister lives here in Birmingham Alabama and has a 1995 sc 300 she bought new, now has @ 140,000 miles. Had a problem with the alternator before christmas, had it replaced as well as the distributor oring . She was told leak from o-ring had ruined the alternator.

Also quoted her $635 to replace valve cover gaskets and $200 for rear brake pads.

Now she is long divorced from the doctor who bought the car early on and is trying to make ends meet and keep this car together for her transportation to work. I am a competent mechanic although I live down in Fairhope Alabama 4 hours away.

So three questions;

Anyone know a fair and decent shop that could do this work reasonably in Birmingham? The guys who replaced the alternator really took advantage of her in my opinion (part of her bill was $101.32 to R&R the radiator cap and top off fluids :o ) Needless to say she cannot and I will not allow this again.

Or alternatively what does it entail to do the valve cover R&R and the rear brakes? Can I perform in her driveway in a long afternoon? What tools would I need to bring with me. I have not even confirmed it is a valve cover leak yet , just relying on the rip off shop quote ( just found this story out tonight)

It looks like this car should also have the timing belt replaced at this mileage if she plans to keep it. How big is that job?

Perform up here? or try to get car to my place in Fairhope?

thanks in advance,


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camuchi, The links below will give you some ideas of steps/process. Lexus is an expensive car to maintain, the parts are pricey. If you plan on changing the timing belt yourself, remember to replace the water pump.

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Thank you for the info and the links

I am hoping to avoid doing the work myself due to the distance

It looks like the vc gasket is pretty straightforward is $635

A realistic price for that job? Yikes I might need to open a

Lexus shop ha ha

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