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Which Plant Is The Es350 Built?

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The ES350 is produced at the Kyushu, Japan facility.

I believe the RX is still the only Lexus vehicle manufactured outside of Japan.

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Geezz, Thomas, how do find that stuff out! :huh:

I'll bet everyone wants to be your partner for a wild game of Trivial Pursuit!!~ :D

Not hard to do. Got this out of Wikipedia:

Many Lexus vehicles are manufactured in Toyota's Tahara plant, a highly sophisticated, computerized manufacturing plant in Japan.[129] In 2005, J.D. Power and Associates bestowed its Platinum award for worldwide plant quality on the Tahara plant, stating that it has the fewest defects of any manufacturing plant in the world.[130] It was the fourth consecutive year that the Tahara plant captured this award. In 2006, J.D. Power named the Kanji (Iwate) plant, then the site of ES and IS model production, as its recipient of the Platinum award for worldwide plant quality.[131]

Lexus manufacturing techniques include methods and standards of quality control that differ from Toyota models.[132][133] At the Tahara plant, separate assembly lines were developed for the manufacture of Lexus vehicles.[132][134] New molds and specialized manufacturing equipment were also developed for the Lexus production process.[134] Lexus plant workers, typically veteran technicians, are identified via repeated performance evaluations and ranked according to skill grade; only a select group of craftspeople are eligible to work on Lexus vehicles.[135] In addition, welding processes, body panel fit tolerances, and paint quality requirements are more stringent for Lexus models.[132][136] Wood inlays are matched by tree from sustainable plantations.[137][138]

Assembly sites by model[10][66]

Tahara, Aichi LS, GS, IS, GX

Kyushu, Fukuoka ES, IS, RX

Higashi Fuji, Shizuoka SC

Araco, Aichi LX

Cambridge, Ontario RX

Lexus engines are tested by stethoscope-equipped takumi (匠, Japanese for "master craftsmen") engineers to determine optimum performance.[106] These engineers are responsible for maintaining production standards at key points in the assembly process. Production Lexus vehicles are given extensive visual inspections for flaws, individually test-driven at high speeds, and subjected to vibration tests.[132]

The North American-market RX 350 (since the 2004 model year) is produced in the city of Cambridge, in Ontario, Canada, and is the first Lexus plant located outside of Japan. In addition to the Tahara factory, Lexus vehicles have been produced at the Araco, Kanji (Iwate), Kanji (Kanto Jidosha), Katashiki, and Kyushu plants in Japan.[10] As of 2008, most sedan and SUV production occurs in Japan at the Tahara, Aichi, plant in the Chūbu region, and at the Kyushu (Miyata), Fukuoka plant in the Kyūshū region.[66]



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