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A/m Radio Install

david cook

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You are not providing much information about what the $300-$400 includes.

It can be a big job to rewire to make an aftermarket radio work -- I've done it four or five times but not in the past 20 years since audio systems have gotten more complex. I don't remember seeing conversion harnesses for Lexus with Nakamichi -- I know that the Nakamichi in my 00 LS uses a different wiring harness than the standard Pioneer radio and that a conversion harness is not available for it. If I was going to get an aftermarket radio -- which I have thought about doing -- all the wiring to make one fit in my car would have to be done manually.

Metra recently came out with dash kits for the 92-00 SC -- you can read about it on this other forum: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/lexus-audi...sc-92-00-a.html

If part of the $300-$400 was to build a custom dash kit, maybe your shop can use one of the new ones from Metra.

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As noted you did not offer much information on what you are trying to install. Currently I am right in the middle of installing a JVC 700 series radio in place of the Nak because the Nak amp died. You are looking at a big project. I am doing the work piecemeal as time permits and still driving the car.

I doubt I would do it for someone else for under $500 plus parts if you are installing amplifiers in the trunk, etc. If you are not installing external amps you could probably hack the wiring harness severely and use the speakers in the car. That would be easier, but going back to a Nak would be a mess, if not out of the question. I am installing two Sony amps, 3 new speakers in the rear, and eventually new speakers in the doors. For now I have the new 5.25" rear mids sitting on the floor behind the seats running from the radio and they sound immensly better than the speakers I will be replacing.

I have wiring diagrams showing how to connect the stock wiring harness into the radio wiring harness, including making the antenna work properly. If you want a copy send me a note and I will be happy to send it to you. I will be posting the wiring diagrams and other pictures to the forum when I have finished the complete installation.

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