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Help With 2001 Ls430 Seats That Are Uncomfortable...


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Someone out there who has come across this problem

please share the solution.

I have a 2001 LS430 and the front seats are uncomfortable

compared to my past LS 400's. The seat is just hard and

flat and not real conforming like my old LS 400's (I had

a 90, 92, 94 and 98 LS400's and all of them the seats

were SUPER comfortable!).

My question is:

Will 2002 to 2006 fit in the 2001?

I have sat in other LS 430's (newer) and they all

feel way better.

I have also been told that in 2001 there were two

different seat manufacturers. One seat was good

and the other was bad (guess I got the bad one).

If I can't put a newer LS 430 seat in the car

than what are the other options (short of sitting

on a pillow).?

I hate to sell the car as I love it like all my other

LS models but have got to fix this seat issue.

Any input is much appreciated.

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