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Is300 Dvd Nav System


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I need help any suggestions on what aftermarket nav system could be installed on my 2001 is300 with out nav? I want to make it look as nice as possible and don't mind paying for a quality as long as it not over my head cost.. Can some one please tell me if you done it before and have some suggestions to make like what size of the screen should be, how to properly mount it on the dash board and so on.

But any info would be appreciated

Thanks Nick

:cheers: :D


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you have several options with aftermarket.

one is buy the pioneer avic 80 thats the newest one and seems to be best in my opinoin.

second is buy a screent preferably touch screen 7inch but 6 1/2 will do to save some money and just find a spot to mount the screen in your car that you can see good and dont get in the way of anything.

or second option is to buy a new head unit like i did.the pioneer 7500p or 6500p dvd lcd.and then just add the navigation too that and the screen is built in and there both touch screen.6500p is about 800 now and 7500p is about 1500.

hope this helps you somewhat :D

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another option to think about, it how often would you use a NAV system outside of you car?

I ask this with the several PDA based NAV systems that are on the market now. Garmin markets one that is a full PDA in additon to a complete NAV system.

Bluetooth has just released software and a card for implemenation into current PDAs.

There are several "holders" on the market to hold the PDA in a comfortable viewing spot, as well has adapters to supply power to the PDA.

I bring up the PDA, because it is easily removable and installable in multiple vehicles.


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