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Where To Find A Plastic Engine Shield


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That is a bit steep for plastic :(

I paid less than that for a brand new 3/16" steel oil pan skid plate for my Rubicon.

I have seen posts on the forums here about some Lexus/toyota salvage yards...the only one I have bookmarked is Billy's (no relation!)

Maybe poking around you will find the other links and be able to find something more reasonable.

Good Luck!

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sc4sooner,Call this shop below, it might be cheaper, site does not bring up the part. Try this Sc vendor on this site, goes by the member name aliga his link is below, he is more active on ClubLexus.

Carson Toyota/Scion/Lexus Parts

1-888-313-5974 • parts@carsontoyota.com


Authorized CL Vendor AOL IM: PL Gazi

Paypal: gazi_ali@hotmail.com underscore("_") between gazi and ali

Buy with confidence, check my feedback: http://sr1.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119137

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sc4sooner, If the tare is located down the middle of the engine cover shield? All Sc 300/400 models have this pre-cut to gain easy access to the oil filter, after time it starts to hang down from the engine bay. Its actually easier to gain access to the oil filter from the top of the engine.

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the main problem with mine is that it has been riped through some of the bolts, so i got big washers to hold it there, but its still hanging down further then i would like, ill crawl under there and see if there is anything i could do to make it better before replacing it.

i was just hoping there would be somewhere i could get one for a reasonable price.

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I'm actually searching for a shield as well - 200 for a piece of plastic is ridiculous. Really wanted one before winter because of all the salt that goes on the road around here...but now that the season is over that's after the fact now.

The bigger part of the shield (51441) is actually missing under my car, but the smaller (51442) is intact. I'm guessing the prev. owner got sick of it dragging as it's been said here.

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