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Intake On Is350, Need Answers

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I searched the board and did not find all the answers that I needed. If you have an intake on your is350 please comment.

1. What is the JoeZ intake, better than the F-Sport Intake? What else is out there?

2. How much HP am I looking at, I know it's not much. Can you feel the difference or does it just add a nice sound?

3. Will I be able to keep my engine cover on with any of the intakes available?

Please comment on the intake that you have experience with.

I have always added an intake to whichever car I buy and have noticed a small difference but I know the is350 is well made stock.

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Perhaps JoeZ and Fsport would be a clue.

Nope, doesn't seem to help me Bartkat.

But since you seem to know, what was your response to the OP's question? Hmm...nothing but a shot at me. Nice.

Maybe I can find JoeZ and Fsport in my owners manual...

You asked. I gave you a clue. Now chill Skippy.

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I ordered the JoeZ intake with the Blitz Power Filter. This seemed to be the best set-up from what I have heard from the guys at my.IS forum including JoeZ himself.

I was running that combo before I got the Fsport setup. Also had it on my previous car IS300


What did your butt dyno say about it??? :D

Butt dyno says it downshifts a bit sooner making one think the car is faster but probably not. The ear dyno says it's the next best thing to an UZI 30 round burst.

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