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Aftermarket Head Unit

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I just finished most of the installation of a JVC double DIN 700 series radio in my 92 SC400. I went a little farther and installed a pair of Sony Xplod amplifiers for the 4 speakers and single Sub. All of these items were purchased by visiting some of the price comparison sites on the web. I was able to save over $60 on the amps alone, and they paid the shipping. I saved almost $90 on the radio by doing some careful shopping.

I debated long and hard when my amp quit, but the sound clarity is far, far superior to the Nak that I just replaced. I did not go for a nav or TV unit because the software is outdated in a year or two, and I have a GPS in my cell phone anyway. I stayed away from an in dash TV since TV stations are about to go away anyway, and why put a DVD in the car when it is illegal to be able to see the screen while driving.

With the JVC I can add any of several options, including Bluetooth phone, Sirus radio, a multi-disk changer, etc.

The whole installation is where the original radio parts for the Nak were originally.

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