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'93 Seatbelt And Door Open Light Don't Work

The Kid

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I really didnt notice, but upto a few days ago that I had no seatbelt, or door open indicator.

could it be the bulbs in the reflector are bad or could a fuse be out?

If both of them were working a few days ago, it's gotta be the fuse. However, that fuse also supply various circuits like the interior light, ignition switch light, trunk room light, air conditioner system and so on. If the rest are working and your seatbelt and open door warning lights are not working, it's maybe something isolated.

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A blown bulb is not out of the question, but I doubt that two would go out at the same time. I had a blown "airbag" warning light bulb on my old 1990 LS400. I took it to the dealer and they changed it for only $25 (parts and labor). This was when I took it for diagnosis. I was wondering why the light was not coming on... that was the reason.

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