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07 Ls460 Vs. 05 Ls430

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I recently upgraded to a 05 LS430 in June from a 96 LS400. What a difference!! Anyway, I'm already licking my chops about purchasing a 07 LS460 when they come down to my price range. For those of you who have had both, what are the big differences between the 430 and 460? What are the upgrades/luxuries that are truly beneficial to you?

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My 430 didn't have the lousy wind noise trbl. The heated steering wheel on the 460 is a definite plus for my area. Power trunk operation is nice. Headlight washers are cool. I found the NAV on the 460 to be more accurate for my area than the 430 was(maybe it is just a revision of the 430 NAV program). I miss the moving air vents that my 430 had. I definetly like the exterior styling more than the 430. Much better paint finish than the 430. FASTER.

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The wind noise prob GP mentions is worth reading. Here's the link:


Of course the nav probs in the topic just a few down from this one is something else you might want to read up:


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