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Sc 300 - Security System Comes On When I Try To Boost Battery

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Here is what happened:

1. Had to boost battery a couple of days ago, I then drove the car.

2. Went out today and the engine didn't turn over at all.

3. Tried to boost battery but the moment the cables are attached to the battery the horn starts honking. Even when I unlock the door with the key or turn the ignition with the key, it won't turn over. It appears as though the security system has shut the car down.

Any suggestions

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First of all, if your battery is too weak to start the vehicle, you should not simply jump the battery and expect that the alternator will fully charge it. That's okay to get home, but inevitably you will need to have the battery fully-charged. If you don't have a charger, you will need to remove the battery and take it to the dealership or auto parts store. Once the battery is fully charged, I would think that you can reinstall it without issue.


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