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I have located two 1997's for sale and am trying to decide which to purchse.

the first is silver with 97k and looks to be in excellent condition. It is, however, out of state, and is listed for $9,999 (originally listed for $12k a few months ago).

the second is local...a green LX with the rare front and rear locking differential and only....(wait for it)....8k miles. Serviced at a local lexus dealer and the asking price is $20k.

I figure I can get the silver one for probably $9k. the green one will probably sell for full price.

What do I do>>> :huh:

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Wow, tough choice. It would cost roughly $3k to fit ARB lockers to the Silver one and they work better than OEM. The silver one will also likely need a birfield job at the tune of $1k. If you do plan on wheeling it, it might hurt too much to damage an 8k mile vehicle. If you pass on the 8k LX, let me know where it is. I might know somebody interested in it.

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Where was the silver '97? I just picked up one on 31 Jan in Minnesota for that price. It's in really nice shape and the carfax report indicated it only moved to MN in 2006 so it hasn't had 12 winters of snow/salt.

I do plan on baselining all the fluids and doing a birfield job just to make sure though since it did not come with any service records.

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I'm new to this forum and I'm the one that did the "buy it now" for $19.9k for the 7,949 mileage 97 LX450. I'm picking it up this week and driving it home. Will let you know how all this turns out. I wanted either a LC or 450 with lockers for the past 6 months and hopefully my searches have paid off.

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