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I Have Leather Seat Bottoms If Anyone's Interested


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Hey guys/gals.

I recently purchased a whole set of coach leather seats for my 03 rx300 and i have all the parts from my original seats. I've decided instead of selling the WHOLE seats (which weigh more than i do..) i would sell piece by piece.

I know many rx300 owners have really bad leather, cracked, faded, ripped etc just from age. I managed to remove the drivers seat bottoms and i can sell them to you if anyone's interested. They're in perfect condition in the TAN color. No rips, tears... you guys know how meticulous i am about my leather. Always treated with leatherique to keep them nice and soft. I will post pics if you're interested.

It takes about 10 mins to install if you can remove the plastic side skirts. Just 4 bolts and 2 plugs that connect them to the seat frame.

I have the drivers side and passengers side seat bottoms. Heated seat elements included and working 100%.

I also have both front headrests and armrests, all in basically perfect condition.

Will fit any 99-03 rx300 with the tan interior. Heated seats or not.

They're going up on ebay if no one seems to want them here. Just thought i'd give you guys the heads up and a better offer first since we're all members!

Please let me know if you want them. Seat bottoms $50 each, armrests $25 each, headrests also $25 each. Plus shipping.

Thanks and i hope they can help someone out

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Here are the pics

driver seat bottom:





front passenger bottom:





headrests and armrests, including hardware + caps:



i have a lot of bites on these. If you're interested PM immediately for shipping price, first to send payment will get them.

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