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In Dash Navigation Swap


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Hello Guys,

I just had a quick question. I want to swap out my stock cd player on my 04 is300 to a indash navigation system. Specifically this one.. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1215819156310

My first question is if it is just a plug and play thing? Meaning I would just have to remove my old system and just plug in the wires to the new system and get it working? Or, would I have to install more wires because of this system? Second, would it fit perfectly in the old slot or will it have random gaps? Also, is it easy to do it yourself or should I have a professional install it? Thanks in advance!

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Hi! Go to www.metraonline.com You should be able to find a mounting kit, ant. adaptor and a wiring harness to make sure it'll work in the car. The only thing that i'm not sure of off the top of my head is if the pioneer nav system needs whats call a vehicle speed sensor input. Some of them absolutely need this signal from the car and sometimes the harness will give you that wire. I would say call metra at their tech line and just ask them. Its not too bad of an install for the ones i've seen in person.

P.s. I'm used to metra but i'm sure if you look on the website you were looking at they should have similar kits available.

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