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2004 Es330 Question About Ipod Integration


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I just recently bought a 2004 ES330 with a Gen 4 navigation unit. I've been reading the threads about different products for integrating my iPhone 3G into the system. I've settled on the VAIS SoundLinQ SL2i I think but I have a few questions...

1) Is the installation something a DIYer can do himself or should I hire a pro?

2) If I can do it, can someone describe how to remove the head unit?

2) Once the head unit is out and the wiring is connected, is there room behind the unit for the new wiring harness and module?

3) I've read some of the literature for the VAIS but I was just wondering if once installed I'll have full access to my iPhone's iTunes via the touch screen?


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I have heard you can do it yourself, but a car audio shop charged me about $80 to install mine, and to me $80 was incredibly well spent to make sure I didn't break any of the incredibly expensive interior trim peices and that all the lines were run where I wanted (the iPod dock is in the armrest, he drilled a nice hole and trimmed the edges so it looks OEM.

The module will not fit behind the HU, it has to go down underneath the console.

I'm not sure about the iPhone's screeen, on my iPod all the iPod functions and screen are blacked out.

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